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How To Prepare Your Home and Family for Storms

Storm Damage

Storm prep completed well before the threat of a storm is realized is the best way for a family to protect their home and themselves. Preparation efforts should focus on both the home and the family.

Preparing Your Home for a Storm

Your home is your first line of defense between your family and a dangerous storm. Instead of waiting until a storm is imminent to start getting your home ready, take the time to identify weaknesses and make yourself aware of how to amplify your home's strong points. Read on for tips on preparing your home for a storm.


• Anyone living in an area that is known for violent storms should have a contractor examine their property for any structural problems that need to be resolved to keep the home as safe as possible in the event of a storm. Loose roofing materials, damaged porches or patios, unsound pillars and even fences could create a problem in the case of a storm.

• Make sure that there are functional fire extinguishers in your home and that everyone in the home is able to operate an extinguisher. Fires are common after storms, and emergency personnel are likely to be busy with rescue efforts.

• Do a walk through of the house with the purpose of identifying items on shelves and walls that could cause injury if they fall during a violent storm. Make an effort to move or secure these items to eliminate the potential for injury or damage.

• Households in the Springfield area are most susceptible to winter storms. Keeping a backup fuel source for heating purposes such as wood for a fireplace can help a family trapped in their house following a storm keep warm in freezing temperatures.

Storm Preparation for Families

While getting your home ready for the damage and loss of utilities associated with a storm is the first step to storm preparation, making sure that your family is able to stay healthy and calm during a damaging storm is an essential component of the preparation process. Listed below are tips to follow to get your family ready for the possibility of a serious storm.

• Every family member living in the house will need enough food and water to sustain their bodies until help can arrive. Although many storms result in families being stuck at home for only a day or two, it is important to keep enough shelf stable food and fresh water in the house for four to seven days. Keep pets in mind when establishing an emergency supply of food and water.

• Discuss how the family will need to exit the house and the neighborhood if there is a storm emergency and an evacuation is necessary.

• Keep batteries and flashlights on hand in case there is a power outage during a storm. Each member of the family should be able to access their own flashlight in case of an emergency.

• Discuss how family members should keep in contact if they are not in the same place when a storm hits. Establishing a meeting place to access once danger passes is one way to ensure that family members can find each other. Pick at least two potential meeting places in case one is not accessible due to storm damage.

Dealing with Storm Recovery
Storm damage recovery

Even families that are thoroughly prepared for a major storm can find themselves dealing with major damage to their home. A cleaning and restoration company employs trained professionals that are experienced in dealing with returning a home to its original state following a storm.

Cleaning and restoration companies are able to deal with fire damage, water damage, wind damage following a storm and help a family return to life as usual as soon as possible.

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[ posted by Mark , August 31, 2012 3:19 ]

I try and buy long term food storage, each month. You can buy chicken, beef, pork, hamburger meat, and tons of other stuff to make sure your prepared in case of emergencies


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