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At first glance, what seems extreme is really how things use to be done, but with time being a factor in what people call the rat race, conservation has gone out the window. In the 1950s, households began getting gadgets that did everything and households turned to ready-made foods, such as the TV dinner. However, with an increase in efficiency of "time is money,” we also learned a new way of spending more in an effort to save time. This merely created a new way to spend where waste is paramount. Follow these energy saving tips this winter to save money and energy for the future.
50's style tv dinner


Depending upon the method of cooking, a crockpot saves a great amount of energy. The stove and oven uses considerable energy in contrast to the crockpot. Crockpot cooking not only saves on energy, but is far easier to use than traditional methods of cooking where standing over the stove is necessary. In addition, for those winter months, nothing is better than heating up from a hot meal.

save energy use a crockpot

Heat reduces and leaks out of the home fairly easy—from doors and windows to the convection process. There are several reasons that it is difficult to keep the home warm. Simple measures can be taken to cut down energy costs. For instance, insulating windows with plastic will prevent heat from seeping out the windows and preventing cold air from drafting in. Another method is to check the insulation on doors as well. Placing a door guard at the bottom of the door cuts down on cold air coming in and warm air going out.

air flow within the home
It is wise to open up all doors and cabinets during the hottest part of the day to allow everything to warm up. After this has been accomplished, close everything off. What occurs from doing this method is that heat is trapped in each compartment—rooms, cabinets, drawers and closets—creating a warm compress of sorts. Warm air that is free to move about will cool down when it meets a cooler air temperature. By trapping heat within a space, that air is drastically hastened in its cooling effect. Further, operation of a space heater in rooms that are needed, as opposed to running the heater in the house, saves on energy while still functioning to heat up what’s necessary.


Simply cutting down on the time in the shower—from 30 minutes to 10—naturally reduces the amount spent on energy for a shower by two-thirds.

By combining new methods with the old, we can have the best of modern day luxuries with old world sensibility. There are ways to conserve energy. If we all do our part to conserve energy, we will help to preserve things for the generations to come and we will be all the more wise. Once spent, time, energy and money can never be recovered. Taking the time to save now is for everyone’s benefit.

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